Tula House

Our House is Your House.

Tula House is not only a name, it's who we are. Welcome to our home.
Feel free to explore, learn, and create.
Tula is Design for All Living Things, we are all creatives who are continually inspired by plant-focused design. 

Shop hours are Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm In the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

We offer repotting services for plants and planters that you buy in-store, or that you bring from home.

We look forward to helping you grow your indoor plant world. 

The Tropical Room

A lush microclimate that's home to leafy palms, aroids, and ferns, where a skylight and large garage door provide ample diffused light. The humidifiers are going day and night, the Orchid House is brimming with epiphytes and tillandsia, and a variety of small and large tropical beauties are lovingly arranged according to their lighting needs. 

The Arid Room

Welcome to The Arid Room. Where the weird and wondrous of the desert twist and turn, spike and groove, stretch and globe. Solely dedicated to succulents, euphorbia, agave and more The Arid Room boasts common and rare finds as well as Tula's growing collection of Mother Plants.

Tulita the Plant Truck

This is how it all began, with a beautiful plant truck named Tulita. Back in 2016 when we launched Tula, we started by bringing plants to you in our custom-designed mobile greenhouse, the first plant truck of its kind.

In August of 2020 we decided it was time to pass the baton to a budding business that needed Tulita more than we did.