Design For All Living Things

DFALT is Design For All Living Things. A belief we hold close at Tula – that design can allure as well as educate when a symbiotic relationship is built between nature and the objects we make. 


The DFALT Series are design exhibitions at Tula Plants & Design highlighting human-made objects that address the natural world.

Obscure Plant Club

Tula x Yuko Nishikawa

February 3rd-28th

Tinkerers, explorers, lovers – Tula is home to a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Brooklyn-based Japanese ceramic artist Yuko Nishikawa. Known for fantastical lighting, whimsical decor accessories, and collectible objet d'art, Yuko gives form to joyful imaginary worlds, transforming spaces into fascinating encounters. 

During the month of February you can find stunning pre-planted arrangements available for purchase, only at Tula (Because of their delicate nature we won't be able to ship the work). Unique and wonderful plants have been carefully paired with wall-hung and tabletop ceramic planters that play on forms borrowed from scientific apparatus like beakers and specimen jars. All pieces are organic hand-made ceramics. Available for purchase through the month of February.

Obscure Plant Club artist's statement:

“We love plants so much. We are fans of plants. Just looking at them would not be enough. Just talking about them would not be enough. We would want to know more. So we would take them home, place them in our private rooms, observe them, itemize them, and catalog them as they grow fuller. Our desire to understand and make sense of things that we love made me think about lab equipment combined with love and obsession in the wobbly forms, happy colors and fun details.”  - Yuko Nishikawa